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The Colonel’s Slides

The Colonel’s Slides

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in The Colonel’s shoes for a day? Well, now you can! These slides are a match made in heaven, or as some would say, in KFC.

Strut your stuff with our 1978 logo-embossed slides. Wear these bad boys everywhere and (almost) anywhere. Pair with The Colonel’s Socks if you’re feeling extra farshun.

Men's US Women's US EU Length (CM)
- 6.5 37 24.5cm
6.5 8 39 25.4cm
8 9.5 41 26.5cm
10 11.5 43 27.6cm
11.5 - 45 28.7cm
13 - 47 30.0cm
14.5 - 49 31.3cm
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